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Business Strategy & Organizational Assessment

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Data analytics helps us understand the information available to decision-makers, whether they’re executives, managers, or even automated systems. By interpreting vast datasets, businesses gain insights that guide strategic choices. Imagine having a magnifying glass that reveals hidden patterns, market trends, and customer behavior.


Data analytics provides insights into remote work patterns, productivity, and collaboration. You can understand communication frequency, work hours, and task completion by considering digital footprints (such as chat, email, and calendar usage). Anything from tracking response times to emails or meeting attendance in high-pressure situations can reveal efficiency levels.  This can help you guide the correct “hybrid” approach to how your staff works to their effectiveness, and most importantly, above all, are happy to do so.


When employees feel supported, they perform better. Customers also trust businesses that prioritize well-being. A healthy workplace fosters loyalty and enhances brand reputation. Imagine a workplace where data-driven decisions safeguard both physical and mental health—staff and customers alike place their confidence in such a business. 


At Davis IOP we use data analytics to help us analyse and guide an organization. We help play a pivotal role in guiding strategic decision-makers on a plethora of subjects, such as staff well-being, hybrid working, diversity, and inclusion within organizations. Davis IOP is a company that uses data to help clients through 9 strategic focus areas to provide an organizational assessment that drives them forward. 

9 Strategic Focus Areas

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