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Davis IOP Strategy Consulting 
Turning Numbers into Knowledge, and Knowledge into Action

Problem-Solving Made Easy

Want to improve your organization’s success while enhancing the overall experience of your most valuable asset?
Want to improve your community and social projects?    

Davis IOP will transition your People Analytics approach from reactive to proactive.  

We provide valuable insights using People Analytics so you can better understand the four areas below.

What Happened

We will utilize descriptive analytics to help your organization understand what happened in the past and occurring the present.

Why did it happen

Diagnostic Analytics will determine why specific events occurred.

What will happen

To help you design the future of your company, the use of predictive analytics will be necessary.

How to make it happen

We will work with you to determine what actions need to be taken using prescriptive analytics.

Our Focus

By focusing on the four key areas of People Analytics, we can enhance your ability to make informed decisions that drive your strategies forward efficiently and effectively in a meaningful and impactful way.  

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